VOC-25 Conceptual Vocal Synthesizer by Love Hulten

Love Hulten has mostly serves up pretty cool creations. We especially love his arcade gaming system. But sometime, the artist also has some weird moments. Moments like when he created a set of plastic teeth that ‘sing’ out the notes he play on the keyboard.

VOC-25 Conceptual Vocal Synthesizer, as it is called, was inspired by the original concept created by Simone Giertz. This other worldly musical instrument is based on the Axoloti Core and well, 25 sets of plastic teeth, each set representing a unique note on the keyboard.

While Simone’s version are mostly just clacking teeth, Love Hulten’s iteration actually pumps our synthesizer sound. In addition, Hulten took it to another level by adding circuitry that would allow the sound to be tweaked via four control knobs. The result is awesome and pretty creepy at the same time.

Go ahead and have a look at the VOC-25 Conceptual Vocal Synthesizer in action in the video embedded below.

Images: Love Hulten.

Source: Yanko Design.