VOC-25 Conceptual Vocal Synthesizer Is Basically “Singing” Plastic Teeth

Love Hulten has mostly serves up pretty cool creations. We especially love his arcade gaming system. But sometime, the artist also has some weird moments. Moments like when he created a set of plastic teeth that ‘sing’ out the notes he play on the keyboard.

OP-S Is A Concept Smartphone That Marries A Synthesizer With A Smartphone

Teenage Engineering have made composing synthesized tunes on-the-go a thing. Now, a concept design from Madrid-based studio, GRIS Design, takes that idea to the next level with OP-S Synthesizer Smartphone.

An Italian Company Wants To Put A Synthesizer On Your Wrist For $540

Just when we thought pocket-size is the smallest a synthesizer can get, one Italian company called Audioweld (who has watchmaking background, btw) takes synthesizer to the next level of small. How small? Well, it is small enough to be worn on the wrist and hence the name Synthwatch. Synthwatch has a functional seven-key keyboard, thus […]

Teenage Engineering Takes Synthesizer To Next Level With OP-Z

Three years in the making, Teenage Engineering’s newest multimedia synthesizer and sequencer, OP-Z, is finally ready. A follow up to the Swedish company’s first portable all-in-one OP-1 released six years ago, OP-Z is the first stand-alone 16-track sequencer that lets you pull off synchronized live composition of music, visuals, and lights, and doing so while […]

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator: Electronic Music Band That Fits in Your Pocket

Synthesizer-heavy music was pretty big in the 80s up to the 90s and so were the equipment required to make those trance-inducing music. But that was then. These days making synthesized music is literally pocket size, thanks to development like the Pocket Operator from Stockholm-based outfit, Teenage Engineering. Created in collaboration with Swedish fashion brand […]

MIDI Sprout Biodata Sonification Device

it is normal for human to have fear. we fear of ferocious animals and also the unseen, but we are probably not worried about plants. even sentient plants like the Venus Fly Trap don’t quite scare us away. why? because Little Shop of Horror don’t happen in real life. however, things might get a little creepy if you…

KORG MS-20 Monophonic Synthesizer Kit

36 years on, the iconic KORG MS-20 lives again, but now it has more to offer than just letting you turn out funky tunes; it wants to get you involved by putting together the instrument yourself. the kit lets you create a real, full-sized and functional MS-20 which you can proudly claim that it is built by you.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer

it looks like a toy, but it isn’t one. the Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer has a future-beauty to it that grabbed our attention even though we are not, we repeat, not, a big fan of beeping tones. future-like look it is, this particular electronic musical instrument is touted as an all-in-one portable synthesizer that is a sampler, controller and of course, a synthesizer but it…


we can’t think of any reason why someone would want to combine synthesizer with class arcade game controller but in case you do, the Pianocade is just the rig for you. unlike its namesake, it is not exactly a piano per say but it is a synthesizer and MIDI controller made famous around the same period as arcade had (in 80s). fashioned after the classic arcade game controller, complete…