36 years on, the iconic KORG MS-20 lives again, but now it has more to offer than just letting you turn out funky tunes; it wants to get you involved by putting together the instrument yourself. the kit lets you create a real, full-sized and functional MS-20 which you can proudly claim that it is built by you. developed by the same engineers who oversaw the development of the original MS-20, the MS-20 promised to deliver the historic sound in complete fidelity and it even include filters from both the early and late versions of this iconic instrument, and allowing you to switch between the two.

under the hood, it is virtually a replica of the original featuring 2VCO / 2VCA / 2VCF / 2FG / 2LFO structure, external signal processor (ESP), as well as an extremely flexible patching system. though faithful to the original, it has one must-have modern touch: a USB connector, in addition to the MIDI input. any how, loyal fans can expect a true replication of the original, right down to the package binding and the included manual.

expect each KORG MS-20 Monophonic Synthesizer Kit to set you back at $1,400 and it is limited to just 1,000 kits when it becomes available in March. so keep your eyes peeled on KORG website, or better yet, head down to any authorized dealer and make sure they snag one for you when it is out. you missed it some 30 years ago, i am sure you are not going to miss it again, are you?

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p.s. not to worry if you are no electrical guru. this kit requires no soldering or any electrical expertise to put together. don’t believe? check out the video below and you will know what we mean.

KORG MS-20 Monophonic Synthesizer Kit

KORG via Engadget

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