KORG MS-20 Monophonic Synthesizer Kit

36 years on, the iconic KORG MS-20 lives again, but now it has more to offer than just letting you turn out funky tunes; it wants to get you involved by putting together the instrument yourself. the kit lets you create a real, full-sized and functional MS-20 which you can proudly claim that it is built by you.

KORG AudioGate DS-DAC USB Hi-Def Audio System

DAC or Digital to Analog Converter is a great way for better digital music, but if you are looking to take that digital music audiophile enjoyment up a notch, then you have to have both the hardware and software work together for the best possible result, and such is what the KORG AudioGate DS-DAC has to offer.

KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner

the most immediate hurdle for aspiring axe shredder is tuning. tuning your guitar is an eternal frustration that won’t go away until you develop the ear for it. until then, your best bet would be your pro-shredding pals, or you could get a KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner to save yourself the trouble and frustration. available for guitar, bass, as well as ukulele