the most immediate hurdle for aspiring axe shredder is tuning. tuning your guitar is an eternal frustration that won’t go away until you develop the ear for it. until then, your best bet would be your pro-shredding pals, or you could get a KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner to save yourself the trouble and frustration. available for guitar, bass, as well as ukulele, the KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner is extremely compact (read: tiny) and dead simple to use. the headstock shape tuner clips on directly to your instrument’s headstock and all you have to do is struck the desire string that you want to tune, and two LED indicators, one tells you the peg position and the other, indicates the tuning of that note, letting you know which peg and how much it should be adjusted. and that’s all there’s to it. perfect for beginners who haven’t get a grasp of the note names of each open string. the Clip-On Tuner’s angle is totally adjustable when it is attached to your instrument’s headstock – up to 120 degrees, in fact – so you can get the comfortable viewing angle when tuning out your axe. additionally, each version is design in the shape of the headstock of the respective instrument that it was made for, adding to the fun factor and also, easy identification of the tuner if you happens have more than just one type of instrument to tune. you can get yours for just $19.99 a pop. and oh, it is powered by a single coin-type lithium battery that offers up to 35 hours of usage and it has an auto power off feature to conserve the battery life when it is not in use.

KORG Headtune Clip-On Tuner

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