we suspect Minority Report has a lot to do with mankind’s obsession with gesture controls. whether you fancy wielding control over your gadgets like a random symphony conductor or not, the la-Minority Report gesture control will be a reality sooner than you think – starting with MYO Gesture Control Armband from Thalmic Labs. instead of relying on Kinect-like or Playstation Eye-like camera for this motion control magic, the MYO senses motion and electrical activity in your muscles to control your gadgets like your computer, portable media player, or even the remote control toys via Bluetooth 4.0. this surely does make camera-based motion control look so yesterday, don’t you think so? the device is capable of detecting changes in your hand gesture right down to each individual finger and because our muscles are triggered even before we actually move our the digits, the resulting gesture would be instantaneous. this one-size fits all gesture control armband features an onboard, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and is armed with an ARM processor, and together with Thalmic’s proprietary muscle activity sensors and a 6-axis inertial detector, the MYO let your John Anderton-wannabe dream come true. check out the MYO in action in the video below and when you are ready to take the plunge, you can pre-order yours for $149. the first batch of 25,000 units will ship in late 2013.

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