Can’t you imagine a Nintendo Entertainment System clad in leather? No? Well, you don’t need to imagine because, Beskar Goods Co. has made one and it look absolutely dope.

Beskar Goods Co. 2020 Leather Console

The Beskar Goods Co. 2020 Leather Console is a one-of-a-kind console you won’t find anywhere else. Not even money can buy it.

It is a NES wrapped in premium buck brown harness leather from Wickett and Craig, and hand stitched by hand.

Beskar Goods Co. 2020 Leather Console

Unfortunately, we just found out about this only today. While it is not for sale, patrons will had a shot at winning this unique console from Beskar Goods Co. with any purchase.

The catch is, the purchase had to be before or on November 25. Yeah. It’s over. How the hell we did not find out about this earlier? I don’t know. Too many news, too little time, I guess?

But hey, we heard that if you keep ogling at the product images, it is as good as yours. Well, kind of.

Images: Beskar Goods Co..

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