when it comes to alarm clock in Android devices, most people are quite content with the software running the business. however, you know how not fail safe it is, such as accidentally swiping ‘disarm’ instead of snooze or volume is barely audible enough to tickle your dream. this is where the Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock For Android comes in. it an attempt to fill the void purposely left open due to the wide range of Android device sizes and not to mention, the compatibility issue with the variation of skinned Android OS. fitment and stability are pressing issues which the Hale Dreamer has addressed and on top of that, it offers smart functionalities that would, hopefully, leave you with a more fulfilling sleep. the Hale Dream achieves that (and more) with smart integration of hardware and software.

on the hardware business side, it boast a 10W 2.25″ neodymium driver, a finely tuned bass resonator and a high efficiency amplifier for room-filling sound, controllable by a physical volume knob on the device. amazingly, the brightness of your handset, when docked to the Hale Dreamer, can also be adjusted on the fly via another knob – made possible through careful hardware and software integration. a companion app lets you customize the alarm clock’s sound or music, set the length of the snooze time, plan out your weekly wake-up schedules, tweaking the look and feel of the display and more. there’s even a lullaby mode should you need to be babysit to sleep by some soothing tunes. a set of audio jack and microUSB connector combo on flexible goose necks cater to virtually any Android phone in the market today. by going on the cable route, the Hale Dreamer ensures a fail safe operation without having to worry about dropped Bluetooth or wireless connection.

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however, the major innovation here is perhaps SmartSilence, an app driven feature that keeps your phone silent unless the call is of importance. the app is totally customizable, allowing you to set contacts that can get through to you, while others will be automatically screened or temporality blocked. the call (or text) screening is a bit of interesting function here; the app will trigger a text message to the caller or sender, asking if the call or text is an emergency. the phone will then ring upon the response that it is an emergency (by replying ‘E’ to the auto message), else the phone will remain silent. of course, the latter is kind of like an honor system and so if your pals chose to ignore the fact that club crawling isn’t an emergency, you will still be bother by him or her. true story. in any case, the latter is more of a human issue.

Hale Devices is looking to raise 35 grand to support the product’s final stage of the development, which you can help by making a pledge of $69 or more. if all goes well, you can expect delivery something this November. check out a pledge video below to learn more about the Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock For Android.

UPDATE [November 12, 2013] if you missed the successfully Kickstarter campaign, you can still get the Hale Dreamer Smart Alarm Dock from Amazon now for $79.99.

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