dedicated game consoles have been enjoying a pretty comfortable spot in the living room without much competition except among themselves, but that is set to change when Xi3 PISTON Console hits the market later this year. measuring just 4 inches per side, the PISTON Console is a do-it-all computer that wants a space in both your living and your room. its powerful quad-core 3.2GHz AMD Trinity processor, coupled with Radeon 7000 Series GPU and 8GB DDR3 gaming RAM, ensures that it is an all round performer in the area of gaming, computing, home entertainment, and even home automation. it has native support for three-monitor setup for a mind-blowing, immersive gaming experience and for videophiles, you’d be glad to know that it is totally capable of supporting up to 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels).

standard issue comes with 128GB SSD storage, but with its patented modular motherboard design, the storage, as well as the I/Os can be upgraded so you can keep the system up-to-date with the latest technology available. you know what we see the PISTON Console as? we see it as a revolution that truly blurs the line between home entertainment console and computer. you can use it at home, in the living or desk to meet all aspects of your leisure and productivity needs, or pack it in and bring it to LAN parties if you so desire. as exciting as it sounds, the Xi3 PISTON Console does come with a pretty hefty price tag: it will set you back at $999 a pop and that’s just for the rig itself and does not include display (or displays) and other peripherals.

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officially, the Xi3 PISTON Console is expected to be available on this year’s “Black Friday” which is November 29, but you can pre-order the machine now and expect it to land on your doorstep two weeks before the official mad rush (or not?) for it.

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