Xi3 PISTON Console

dedicated game consoles have been enjoying a pretty comfortable spot in the living room without much competition except among themselves, but that is set to change when Xi3 PISTON Console hits the market later this year. measuring just 4 inches per side, the PISTON Console is a do-it-all computer that wants a space in both your living and your room.

Xi3 Z3RO Pro Computer

seriously. the days of hulking tower PC is coming to an end and why wouldn’t it be when you can have a computer the size of a paperback? the Xi3 Z3RO Pro Computer, announced at last week’s CES, is just the ‘paperback’ size PC we are talking about. with a physical size of just – hold your breath for this – 1.875 x 4.875 x 3.625 inches (about…

the future of computer: Xi3 Modular Computer

just when we thought computer couldn’t go any smaller, Xi3 unveiled a small cube-like computer, dubbed the Xi3 Modular Computer. measuring less than 4-inches (101.6mm) per side, the Xi3 base model is being powered by AMD Athlon Dual Core 3400E 22W processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM and comes with a 8GB SSD flash drive.