iPhone 4/4S Pro Grade Underwater Housing

iPhone 4/4S Professional Grade Underwater Housing
(image: Ken Corben) iPhone 4/4S Professional Grade Underwater Housing | US$399.00 | www.moceanarmor.com

now that the 4S has a boost in its imaging department and is capable of capturing video footage in glorious full HD 1080p, the next thing you probably want is to bring it down to the deep blue sea for some awesome underwater videography but you can’t really do that until now. if for some reasons you feel compelled to use your iPhone 4 or 4S to carry out such a risky business, i.e. going deep down under the sea, then here’s the perfect gadget accessory to do just that – the iPhone 4/4S Professional Grade Underwater Housing. i know, that name is quite a mouthful but its creator, Emmy winning National Geographic cameraman, Ken Corben, has yet to name this awesome product. the iPhone 4/4S Professional Grade Underwater Housing is a professional crafted accessory that will allow you to use your iPhone 4 or 4S up to 100-feet deep into the ocean. Crafted from aerospace and marine grade billet aluminum with stainless steel hardware, this accessory has a host of seals to keep the nasty salt water out, while mechanically actuated button lets you record and stop your videoing activity. other features include sun shade for front lens port, full LCD screen rear viewing port, tripod mount, and Teak wood crafted handles. if the prospect of bringing your iPhone deep down into the sea entices you, then head on down to Ken Corben’s Kickstarter page to show your support. though we have forewarn you that such contraption doesn’t come cheap. it will set you back at a cool $399, and apparently it will eventually have a MSRP of $699.
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Kickstarter via Gizmag

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