Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game – portable ping pong set

Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game
(image: Umbra) Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game | US$40.00 |

Ping Pong or Table Tennis is not exactly a glamourous game but if you are a fan of this fast and furious ball game, you might wish to play this game anywhere, anytime. no, you can’t really lug a huge table tennis’s table around but with the Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game, you might just be able to do that. this portable ping pong set lets you challenge another opponent regardless of rain or shine, as long as there is a smooth surface table. the best part is, there’s no mounting involved. each set includes two ping pong paddles with retractable handles, a portable net, two ping pong balls, and a draw string pouch for storage. one of the weighted net’s poles also doubles as your ping pong ball storage too. i don’t know if there’s such a huge following for this ball game or if the movie Balls of Fury did anything to encourage the following that warrants such a product but then again, it doesn’t hurt to feature this simple, yet functional leisure product. doesn’t it? the Umbra Pongo Ping Pong Game retails for $40 a set and is available from Umbra online store.
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