Since September 2017, LEGO fans have one more must-visit place when they are in Denmark, LEGO’s home country. It is not a theme park, nor is it a factory; it is the new LEGO House. Designed by architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), this sprawling 12,000 square meter (129,167 square feet) compound is made up of 21 giant white bricks stacked on top of each other in random fashion and features facade covered with tiles, giving the illusion that the building is made of LEGO bricks. Interestingly, in a nod to the toy maker’s classic 2×4 LEGO brick, the roof of the top tier structure incorporates eight studs to mimic the classic brick and each stud is embedded with light that shoots into the night sky to welcome visitors arriving by air to Billund Airport.

12,000 Sqm LEGO House in Billund Denmark Has 25 Million LEGO Bricks
The top tier structure is a 2×4 “LEGO brick” that shines light into the night sky from the eight studs.

While the architecture is impressive, it does not quite look like a place for fun. On the contrary, it is a place for fun and recreation that packs with no less than 25 million LEGO bricks. Within the 21 bricks are restaurants, a huge LEGO store, a conference room, and a 2,000 square meter (21,527 square feet) LEGO Square. Additionally, LEGO House also boasts color-coded experience zones, a large gallery of LEGO creations built by fans, a large exhibition all about the history of the LEGO brand, a sheltered public space, interconnected outdoor terraces, as well as playgrounds.

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12,000 Sqm LEGO House in Billund Denmark Has 25 Million LEGO Bricks
Pretty nondescript at this angle, but a closer look reveals the cool tiles facade

With so many ‘attractions’, it suddenly makes 12,000 square meters seem a little small, don’t you think? And you know what that means to LEGO fans? It means dedicating no less than a day to immersing in this wonderland on Earth and you probably want to (spend the entire day there) cos’ it will cost you 199 DKK (or about US$33) to start the experience. But seriously, get this onto your itinerary if you are heading to Denmark. I know I would. In the meantime, we shall leave you with more images of this LEGO haven and some fun facts, courtesy of LEGO.

LEGO House: Terraces
The staggered terraces around LEGO House feature creative playgrounds for children of all ages. Explore a submarine run aground, take a ride on a spectacular camel swing imported directly from the desert, or hop on a surfboard for a ride through shark-infested waters!
LEGO House: Masterpiece Gallery
Masterpiece Gallery showcases the mind-boggling creativity of the LEGO community. This is where we pay tribute to amazing people who have chosen the LEGO brick as their creative medium and spent countless hours conceptualizing, designing, building and perfecting their artistic visions.
LEGO House: Blue Zone - City Architect
In Blue Zone in LEGO House the focus is on the cognitive skills that can be developed through play. Every minute of every day, our cognitive abilities and our logic help us understand the world around us – how to go about it, solve complex problems, find solutions, remember stuff and learn new things. In Blue Zone, guests can program robots, become urban architects, and build gravity defying vehicles.
LEGO House: Green Zone - World Explorer
In World Explorer, you can immerse yourself in the lives of countless LEGO Minifigures as you explore three islands: the vibrant City, the bustling Town & Countryside and the exotic Tropical Paradise.
LEGO House: Yellow Zone – Flower Artist
Yellow Zone in LEGO House is all about emotions in play. Emotions influence our behavior, the way we act and express ourselves. Understanding our emotions, expressing them and being able to regulate them help us build confidence and make reasoned choices in life. In Yellow Zone guests can make LEGO critters and fish come to life or maybe just relax as a Flower Artist beneath the beautiful LEGO butterflies.
LEGO House: Red Zone - Creative Lab
In the Creative Lab, you can don your virtual lab coat, let down your imaginary hair and strut your creative stuff. Use your creativity and build whatever comes to mind.
LEGO House: Red Zone - Brick Builder Waterfall
The LEGO Brick Builder is a giant waterfall cascading into seemingly bottomless pools of LEGO bricks, just waiting for you to dive in. Create anything that comes to mind with an almost unlimited supply of LEGO bricks!
LEGO House: Tree of Creativity
At over 15 meters (49 feet) tall, the Tree of Creativity is one of the largest LEGO structures ever built! It took 6,316,611 standard LEGO bricks and 24,350 hours to assemble, and it’s packed with fun details and surprises.

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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