There are a lot of reasons to be shopping for a replacement battery for iPhone since Apple has admitted throttling the processor to cope with weakening battery. However, shopping is one thing, making sure you get the legit part is another and also, not biting into one of them (the battery, that is) is a big no-no. Don’t believe. Just try asking the man who was apparently shopping for a replacement battery for his iPhone in China. Now, I have no idea what kind of weird science he had learned that led to him taking a bite on a replacement battery in an apparent attempt to ‘test’ it.

Needless to say, nothing good came out of it. According to a news report, CCTV footage from an undisclosed electronics store showed a man sinking his teeth into a battery, resulting in a nasty explosion. When I saw the footage, it was like the holy grail of the duh moment. I have heard folks biting gold to see if it is pure, but a battery? Well, that’s a first. In addition to being toxic, which is a good enough reason to put it anywhere near one’s mouth, lithium batteries are highly susceptible to bursting in flame and even exploding (just ask Samsung) when met with impact.

Though, granted, I have never thought the mere act of biting would yield the same result. Then again, human bite is nothing to sneer at. An average man, as the person is, can exert as much as 55 lbs of bite force on the incisors, or as much as 200 lbs on the molars. If the person has bitten clamped down all he had got, then an explosion as witness is not impossible. However, we never dismissed the possibility that the battery is non-authentic and of inferior build quality. Anywho, the video that captured one of the weirdest things to happen in this world was posted on Chinese video sharing site Miaopai a couple of weeks ago and swiftly went viral, racking up of millions of views.

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Fortunately, it would be just a lesson learned for the man because, no one was hurt by the small explosion. The man was probably shaken but not stirred. I guess. But it still begs the question: why in the hell would anyone sink his teeth into a toxic electronic component?

Image and source: Channel NewsAsia.

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