7-Eleven Opens Cashierless Store at Company HQ

The future of convenience store/supermarket is one without cashiers. Well, if Amazon Go is not an indication of where the grocery retail is heading, then perhaps, this news about 7-Eleven going cashierless should.

The Dallas headquartered convenience store chain is the latest retailer to test the concept of cashierless. 7-Eleven is testing the cashierless store with a 700-square-foot store at its corporate headquarters, in Irving, Texas.

The store, however, only serves 7-Eleven employees. In other words, 7-Eleven staff are the ones who are currently testing out the in-house developed cashierless system.

The store is pretty much like any 7-Eleven’s store. It sells a range of products ranging from beverages to food to over-the-counter drugs and non-food items. The system is not much different from Amazon Go.

It relies on a mobile app which employees down and sign up. When ready to ship, the employees use the app to check in at the store, enter the store, and shop. A detailed receipt will automatically generated once the employee exits the store.

So, how do 7-Eleven pull this off? The company said it uses “a proprietary mixture of algorithms and predictive technology,” enabling the store system to distinguish individual customers and their purchases from others in the store.

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Images: 7-Eleven.