Well, this is a collaboration we didn’t see coming and it is a collab that can be really fun. We are talking about Teenage Engineering collab with flat-pack furniture giant, IKEA. The two has jointly introduced the Frekvens line of speakers and lights, which are available at select IKEA stores as we speak.

IKEA x Teenage Engineering Frekvens Hacks

Frekvens, which basically means ‘Frequency’, is a collection of modular system of speaker designed by Teenage Engineering for IKEA. Now, what so unique about this collection is, they serve as the perfect base for practical and sometimes, quirky, 3D-printed add-ons. And 3D-printed add-ons are what Teenage Engineering has just offered for Frekvens by Teenage Engineering products.

The Swedish consumer electronics company has put up free 3D print files so you can print out things like handles, wheels, cupholders and legs that resemble those of chicken to add to your Frekvens products. Teenage Engineering is calling this add-ons, “Frekvens Hacks.”

As far as Teenage Engineering and Frekvens collection are concerned, it includes a $10 speaker base with light, a set of LED spotlight accessories ($17), a $19.99 portable speaker, a $30 LED spotlight, an LED multi-use light ($40), a $69 Speaker, and a $149 speaker with subwoofer.

The products are modular which means you can mix-and-match them to create one-of-a-kind light-and-speaker system. If that itself isn’t cool enough, I am sure the Frekvens Hacks will do the job nicely.

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Speaking of Frekvens Hacks, the possibility is endless. You can add a handle to the portable speaker, and perhaps, throw in a smartphone holder for good measure. Throw in the spot light accessories on the spot light and for a dash of quirkiness, stick it with a pair of legs, or may be a pair of wheels.

You can learn more about the Frekvens Hacks HERE, or hit up IKEA page for IKEA x Teenage Engineering Frekvens Collection.

All images courtesy of Teenage Engineering.

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