the world’s first 24-carat gold iPhone 4 bumper case

CrystalRoc 24-ct iPhone 4 Bumper 544x448px
(image credit: CrystalRoc) CrystalRoc 24ct Gold iPhone 4 Bumper | £200.00 |

if classy iPhone 4 adorned with real diamonds aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps this iPhone 4 bumper case dipped in 24-carat gold will appeal to you. ostentatious but i like! if gold is way too loud for you, Platinum and Silver are also available for your taking. prices for the 24ct Gold iPhone 4 Bumper starts from £200 (about US$321) and are available by contacting CrystalRoc direct or pop by HARRODS if you happen to be in London.

CrystalRoc via Chip Chick

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