the Host Lamp is a humidifier powered by a light bulb

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(image credit: Minsung Bae) The Host Lamp is an excellent idea but it will be a shame if it’s using incandescent light bulb

we can’t live without lights, so we have lamps in our rooms. for those who felt the need to use a humidifier, why not combine the lighting and the humidifier into one? this was the concept behind this beautiful appliance, dubbed the Host Lamp, designed by Minsung Bae. the theory goes that heat generated by the light bulb could be harvested to power the humidifier via Thermo-Electric Modules or TGM. the TGM generates a voltage when there’s a temperature difference on each of its sides.

an aluminum heat sink is used to captured the heat generated by the light bulb, while TGM is being placed between this aluminum heat sink and the humidifier’s water container. the electrical energy produces through the TGM is then used to charged the battery that powers the humidifier. simple concept but what’s important is: will it really work? aesthetically speaking, the Host Lamp looks beautiful, except for the chimney-like humidifier vent, which we are not quite fond of. we are also concern about the brightness factor of the lamp and what kind of light bulb will be used. surely, we can’t be using incandescent light bulb, right?

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The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x868px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px

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