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Quilo 2.0: Air Cooler, Air Purifier, Humidifier And A Fan Rolled Into One

Folks dwelling in regions with four seasons will probably have multiple home appliances to cope with the different climates and environment conditions. Like air purifier during spring, humidifier during dry season, and fan or air conditioner to deal with the sweltering heat of summer. With Quilo 2.0 4-in-1 Smart Tower Fan, however, you just need one appliance because, it is an evaporative air cooler, a triple-stage air purifier, a humidifier and a tower fan rolled into one. Already, it sounds like a win because, instead of multiple appliances, you only need one. Continue reading Quilo 2.0: Air Cooler, Air Purifier, Humidifier And A Fan Rolled Into One

This Darth Vader Is Fuming Mad, Dispenses Mist To Humidify Your Room

When the Dark Sith is fuming mad, he just used his Force to choke whoever that ticks him off, but not to worry, the ’he’ you see here won’t do the same to you mostly because it is only a helmet and also because ‘he’ is a Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. And did we mention that ‘he’ probably find the lack of humidity in your room… disturbing and hence, ’his’ only job here is to keep your room from being dry by dispensing gentle soothing mist. It is whisper quiet too, so you won’t be haunted by loud heaving feared by so many. Continue reading This Darth Vader Is Fuming Mad, Dispenses Mist To Humidify Your Room

ROOT is a Stunning (De)Humidifier/Air Purifier Concept That Succeeds in Looking Like a Furniture

If you live in countries with four seasons, then you will probably complain about two things: humid summer and dry winter, which result in you having two separate appliances to keep the air dry during those hot summer days and another to wet the air to counter the dry winter season. ROOT, conceptualized by South Korean industrial designer Seungwoo Kim, is a super sleek appliance that does both, so you and I can cut the clutter of having too many appliances. No, wait. In fact, with ROOT you can strike two appliances off your quality lifestyle equation, because it is also an air purifier that employs HEPA filter to weed out airborne impurities, so the room will be mostly impurity-free at the same time, be it winter, summer, or anything in between. Continue reading ROOT is a Stunning (De)Humidifier/Air Purifier Concept That Succeeds in Looking Like a Furniture

Dyson Humidifier Kills 99.9% Waterborne Bacteria with UV Light

Again, Dyson proves that it favors Japan as the market of choice to launch their new heavily invested products. The latest to be unveiled at the Land of the Rising Sun is Dyson’s first humidifier. Being a Dyson, you can be assured that this humidifier, aptly called Dyson Humidifier, is not your average humidifier. Unlike some humidifier, Dyson’s iteration promised to kill 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and it does so by using UV light to cleanse the water in a three-minute process before the water are projected out as mist. speaking of projecting, Dyson leverages on the company’s expertise in air multiplier technology and using this technology to push the cleansed humidified air evenly throughout a 16 square meter room. Continue reading Dyson Humidifier Kills 99.9% Waterborne Bacteria with UV Light

roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

while we appreciate the coolness of air-conditioning and winter season, we are aware what dry air can do to our health (the skin in particular) and the furniture, and hence, we believe in the importance of humidifiers (which is often been downplayed). however, it is one appliance that you can’t hide away like a subwoofer or something and because of that, we deem aesthetic is utmost important, well, at least to us – the style-obsessed bunch. that said, we believe the roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier is one to look out for – if you are as anal about form as us. billed as the “first smart humidifier that combines elegance, technology and efficiency”, the Breath features proprietary technology that automatically detects and adjusts the humidity output levels to between 40 to 55 percent and uses Japanese ceramic ultrasonic transducers to generate a stable and continuous heat source. Continue reading roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

no. that’s not an Evian branded humidifier. it is the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier that you can bring to wherever you go, be it traveling or to the office. these days, even if you are in a humid countries like South Asia, chances are you are exposed to dehydrating air-condition environment to which your boss probably won’t give a damn, so it is up to yourself to keep your immediate surrounding moist with nifty little device such as this Satechi USB Portable Humidifier. when used with cold water, this Satechi item also doubles as a mister to quell some of the summer heat, though we suspect not by much due to its size. according to Satechi, this tiny device has an effective coverage of 16.4 square feet (about 1.5 square meter). apart from the aforementioned features, it can also be used as an aroma diffuser – all you have to do is to add the liquid fragrances or essential oils of your choice into the water. Continue reading Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco

Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco
(photos: cloudandco) Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco | US$tba | cloudand.co.kr

you know what’s the worst thing in life for any self-confess stylists? to put up with ugly appliances and yet knowing that you can’t live without them, that’s what. among the many unsightly appliances that exist among us is the humidifier. it is a mind-boggling science as to why humidifiers can’t be stylish and minimalist. lucky for us folks, there are creative people out there who are more than willing to think outside the box and come up with something as gorgeous as the Bottle Humidifier. conceived by Korean-based design house cloudandco, the Bottle Humidifier presents itself as a bottle in matte white finish, constructed from antibacterial resin and the bottom is a thick glass reservoir that offers user a view of the water level within. Continue reading Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco

the Host Lamp is a humidifier powered by a light bulb

The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 544x788px
(image credit: Minsung Bae) The Host Lamp is an excellent idea but it will be a shame if it’s using incandescent light bulb

we can’t live without lights, so we have lamps in our rooms. for those who felt the need to use a humidifier, why not combine the lighting and the humidifier into one? this was the concept behind this beautiful appliance, dubbed the Host Lamp, designed by Minsung Bae. the theory goes that heat generated by the light bulb could be harvested to power the humidifier via Thermo-Electric Modules or TGM. the TGM generates a voltage when there’s a temperature difference on each of its sides.

an aluminum heat sink is used to captured the heat generated by the light bulb, while TGM is being placed between this aluminum heat sink and the humidifier’s water container. the electrical energy produces through the TGM is then used to charged the battery that powers the humidifier. simple concept but what’s important is: will it really work? aesthetically speaking, the Host Lamp looks beautiful, except for the chimney-like humidifier vent, which we are not quite fond of. we are also concern about the brightness factor of the lamp and what kind of light bulb will be used. surely, we can’t be using incandescent light bulb, right?

images horizontal 544x38px

The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x868px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px The Host Lamp by Minsung Bae 600x500px

via Yanko Design

stylish humidifier packed with modern engineering

William Ultrasonic Humidifier 544px
(image credit: Swizz Style) William Ultrasonic Humidifier | US$229.99 | www.swizz-style.com

if you think have just ran out of stylish items to buy for your home, perhaps, you have forgotten about your box humidifier. this William Ultrasonic Humidifier is one stylish-looking humidifiers. though the ‘Ultrasonic’ makes it sounds more like some weapons of mass destruction, it isn’t one. it is just a humidifier.

it has a coverage of up to 1,000 square feet, and touted to be “extremely quite and powerful” – in humidifying not destruction, of course. other features include preheating, automatic shut-off, night mode (with dimmed lights), integrated Hygrostat and turnable mist diffuser with fine mist selection. the price to pay for being stylish? $229.99.