Quilo 2.0: Air Cooler, Air Purifier, Humidifier And A Fan Rolled Into One

Folks dwelling in regions with four seasons will probably have multiple home appliances to cope with the different climates and environment conditions. Like air purifier during spring, humidifier during dry season, and fan or air conditioner to deal with the sweltering heat of summer. With Quilo 2.0 4-in-1 Smart Tower Fan, however, you just need […]

This Darth Vader Is Fuming Mad, Dispenses Mist To Humidify Your Room

When the Dark Sith is fuming mad, he just used his Force to choke whoever that ticks him off, but not to worry, the ’he’ you see here won’t do the same to you mostly because it is only a helmet and also because ‘he’ is a Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. And did we mention […]

ROOT is a Stunning (De)Humidifier/Air Purifier Concept That Succeeds in Looking Like a Furniture

If you live in countries with four seasons, then you will probably complain about two things: humid summer and dry winter, which result in you having two separate appliances to keep the air dry during those hot summer days and another to wet the air to counter the dry winter season. ROOT, conceptualized by South […]

Dyson Humidifier Kills 99.9% Waterborne Bacteria with UV Light

Again, Dyson proves that it favors Japan as the market of choice to launch their new heavily invested products. The latest to be unveiled at the Land of the Rising Sun is Dyson’s first humidifier. Being a Dyson, you can be assured that this humidifier, aptly called Dyson Humidifier, is not your average humidifier. Unlike […]

roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

humidifiers are everywhere, but if you are in the market for something that looks as good as it performs and bears the latest technology, then look no further than the roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier. billed as the “first smart humidifier that combines elegance, technology and efficiency”, the Breath features

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

no. that’s not an Evian branded humidifier. it is the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier that you can bring to wherever you go, be it traveling or to the office. these days, even if you are in a humid countries like South Asia, chances are you are exposed to dehydrating air-condition environment to which your boss probably