while we appreciate the coolness of air-conditioning and winter season, we are aware what dry air can do to our health (the skin in particular) and the furniture, and hence, we believe in the importance of humidifiers (which is often been downplayed). however, it is one appliance that you can’t hide away like a subwoofer or something and because of that, we deem aesthetic is utmost important, well, at least to us – the style-obsessed bunch. that said, we believe the roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier is one to look out for – if you are as anal about form as us. billed as the “first smart humidifier that combines elegance, technology and efficiency”, the Breath features proprietary technology that automatically detects and adjusts the humidity output levels to between 40 to 55 percent and uses Japanese ceramic ultrasonic transducers to generate a stable and continuous heat source.

the proprietary technology also result in smaller water molecules thereby resulting is lower energy and water consumption. despite its diminutive size, it has an oversized motor and a 3.15-liter water tank packed into it, enabling this whisper-quiet appliance to go on for over 24 hours, covering up to 400 square feet (82 square meter), on a single tank of water. on the design aspect, roolen takes on a minimalistic approach, giving the Breath an unibody design that has only one single, discreetly located button to switch between three humidity outputs (low, high and auto). comes in a choice of ivory white or jet black, the roolen Breath Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier is slated to hit the stores (Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond and QVC) in October for $129.99. click through for a few more product views.

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