HANDRUX Shovel looks suspiciously like Iron Man’s hands

HANDTRUX Shovel 544x438px
(image credit: Uncommon Goods) HANDTRUX Shovel | US$18.00 | www.uncommongoods.com

home improvement equipment always have me going all excited and one that looks like an Iron Man’s hand? i am totally sold. HANDTRUX Shovel is a mini shovel made to fit your hand like a glove. as you can see from the image, all you need to do is to slip on the ABS plastic shovel and start digging. as simple as that. perhaps, Tony Stark should consider designing such an add on for his suit so he can make himself useful while not slugging out with the bad guys.
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the best part? it is designed for children age 5 and up, that means i can use it too and for just $18 a pop, it is an inexpensive way to let your kids have fun digging the beach (or you, at the backyard). it is described as a “toy”, “intended for digging in soft dirt, loose sand, mud, mulch, gravel and snow.” oh and it is both left and right handed friendly too.

HANDTRUX Shovel 544x311px

Uncommon Goods via Oh Gizmo!

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