LEGO Knight Rider KITT by Jimmy-DK

Holy shit. The iconic self-aware and self-driving crime-fighting vehicle from the 80s TV series Knight Rider may have a shot at becoming an official LEGO set! And we really have to thank Danish LEGO enthusiast and serial LEGO Ideas submitter, Jimmy Jakobsen aka Jimmy-DK.

LEGO Knight Rider KITT by Jimmy-DK

Jimmy’s LEGO MOC is based on the modified Pontiac Trans Am called K.I.T.T. from the popular 80s TV series – not the short-lived reboot. For those who don’t know, K.I.T.T. stands for ‘Knight Industries Two Thousand’.

It was the car of the future that even some forty years on, we see nothing of sort. It is a completely self-aware car with sophisticated technology (I guess you could call the tech “carionics? You know, like avionics?). In fact, its self-awareness was so advanced that it may very well be a sentient being.

LEGO Knight Rider KITT by Jimmy-DK

Anywho… Jakobsen’s proposed set will have 883 pieces and measures 13.23 inches (336 mm) long when built. From the render, it looks like Jimmy has gone with the studless built, which is pretty neat.

LEGO Knight Rider KITT by Jimmy-DK has already achieved the 10,000 support a LEGO Ideas submission required to get into the review panel. So, keep your fingers crossed that it made it as the official LEGO Ideas set!

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Images: LEGO Ideas (Jimmy-DK).