Well, what do you know? Like the real-world second-generation Tesla Roadster, the Matchbox x Tesla Roadster Die-cast Car was super popular. It was sold out pretty quickly when it was on creations.mattel.com. Not sure what motivated the quick sale, though.

Was it a pent-up frustration from the super delay, or was it because the toy version was just 20 bucks, which is a fraction of what the real car costs. It can’t be the details, can it? Because, for the love of God, it is a 20 dollars toy. It is hardly of collectors-grade and yet, it was snapped.

I am beginning to believe it was the pent-up frustration of buyers who have put down the full $250,000 for the Founder Series model. The car, which was unveiled by Elon Musk in 2017, was supposed to go into production in 2020. Theoretically, those who put down their money should have been driving the beautiful EV for a year or more now but yet, it is still not here.

Matchbox x Tesla Roadster Die-cast Car

Then again could this toy be a sign of it is finally arriving in 2022? Or at least in the early months of 2023? Who knows. Anywho, back to the Matchbox Tesla Roadster… it makes the first die-cast to be made from 99% recycled materials and is a certified CarbonNeutral product. Even the packaging is made from recycled FSC-certified materials.

As for the toy itself, it is a 1:64 scale replica featuring authentic Tesla Roadster front and rear details and presented in a Satin Pearl White body with Light Smoke tint windows.

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While we did say it is not super detailed, it is nevertheless a super delightful toy car to ogle at. Perhaps that is the real reason why it was sold out that quickly. If you are interested in learning more about this cool little ride, you may do so in this detailed article.

Images: Mattel.

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