Bread Slippers from Firebox

When we did a post on bread-themed furniture earlier this year for folks who can’t get enough of bread, we should have remembered to include this: bread slippers. What’s more perfect for a bread lover than to consume bread, seated on a bread couch in a room lit up by bread light while wearing a pair of Bread Slippers?

Bread Slippers from Firebox

The only caveat I see is, that the Bread Slippers are not 3D like the aforementioned bread-themed objects. It appears to be realistic prints instead but good enough because, as far as product image goes, they do look convincing enough. However, whether the slippers are supposed to represent baguettes, loaves, buns, or whatever is unclear. Whatever it is, we know we appreciate the fact that the upper/inner sole has the image of sliced bread.

If you love the idea, you may pick up the Bread Slippers from Firebox for US$27 for a pair.

P.S. Clearly, this is a pair of indoor slippers. In any case, I would not put it outside cos Joe’s dog is going to run off with it thinking it’s bread. You know, Joe’s dog has a thing for bread.

Images: Firebox.