Bread Slippers: Perfect Companion To Bread-themed Couch And Lamps

When we did a post on bread-themed furniture earlier this year for folks who can’t get enough of bread, we should have remembered to include this: bread slippers. What’s more perfect for a bread lover than to consume bread, seated on a bread couch in a room lit up by bread light while wearing a …

Marvel Will Sell You Anything, Including A Box That Just Churns Out Sound Effects

You have heard of Miami Sound Machine… Wait, no? Too young, huh? Never mind because there is the Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine. But it is definitely not a band playing Mos Eisley Cantina Band music. Wait. Different Disney’s company? Damn it, Disney. You own too many things we love! Ugh.

This Is Not Just Any Gummy Bear, It Is Lil’ Nitro, The World’s Hottest Gummy Bear

When a food or snack comes in just one piece in a packaging that says “hot as hell”, well, you better believe it. Lil’ Nitro is one such snacks. Billed as the world’s hottest gummy bear, Lil’ Nitro is the Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness Chip equivalent, but for the sweet tooth.

Re-live The Frustration With Claw Machine In The Comfort Of Your Home

You know those claw machines? Yeah. The machine that a dad infamously made his child climb inside to retrieve the gift instead of using the claw to pick one? Given the notoriety of claw machines, you will be tempted to do the same, or maybe even destroying it.

Cute Plush Organs: Human Organs Never Looked This Cute And Huggable

Forget about plushies of cute animals or characters. Instead, celebrate the wonder of human organs with these, well, Plush Organs. Available in a choice of organs, including the heart, brain, kidney, lungs, colon, and believe it or not, testicle and rectum.

Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle: Chopsticks Are Entirely Optional

If the Nissin Cup Noodle model kit piques your interest (why wouldn’t it? It’s quirky!), then I suppose you be interested in having a Chinese take-out too? What I meant by “Chinese take-out” is actually a jigsaw puzzle based on, well, Chinese takeaway.

NASA Rocket Lava Lamp Is The Perfect Marriage Between Two Icons Of The 60s

There’s no association between Lava lamp and space exploration, but somehow, it feels so apt to have a retro rocket lava lamp. More so when NASA, the name synonymous with very expensive space exploration (and now, Mars exploration), is associated with it.

Naked Kitchen Lets You Make Your Own Vegan Fried Chicken

Meat-free steak is all the rage now. But how can the world’s most eaten meat, aka chicken, be left out of the game? Nope. It’s a crime and thus, the existence of Naked Kitchen: Make Your Own Vegan Fried Chicken Kit. Yes. It is totally a thing which means you can forget about the complicated …