As Much As We Love To Have An Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer, It Is Not Real, Yet

I have no need for a meat tenderizer, but yet, when I came across this Firebox exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderizer, I immediately knew I need one in my life. Unfortunately, you and I won’t be able to tenderize meat with a snap of fingers. Even more unfortunately is, this product is not real.

Galactic Pale Ale and Lightspeed Pilsner: The Real Reason Why Stormtroopers Are So Bad At Aiming?

This could be the secret why Stormtroopers are so bad at aiming. These are the Galactic Pale Ale and Lightspeed Pilsner, the original Stormtrooper beer. I am sure the Imperial has barred its pilots from drinking and flying, but they probably didn’t do the same for their space foot soldiers.

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer: Keeping Nostril Hair In Check In A Futuristic Way

You know? Life is chock full of coincidences. Just the other day I was discussing with my wife about how medieval people kept their nasal hair in check and then I saw this: Ray Gun Nose Hair Trimmer (officially, according to Firebox, just Ray Gun Nose Trimmer). Though it does not answer my burning question, […]

Witness The Birth Of A Darling Velociraptor As The Candle Melts

We thought you guys might be bored with all the tech and art stuff at some point, so we roped in a little prehistoric help in case you are looking for the one gift to impress. This is the Hatching Dinosaur Candle, a Firebox exclusive, and it is pretty much what it says it is: […]

Game Boy Alarm Clock Wakes You Up To The Tune Of Super Mario Land In 8-bit

In this smartphone age, there is hardly the need for a clock. Personally, I don’t even wear anything on the wrist if not for the fitness tracker I am committed to use to track my lazy ass. But somewhere, somehow, somebody managed to come out with certain clocks that make certain people unable to say […]

Giant Image Of Your Face On A Suitcase Cover Ensures No One Messes With It

How many of you here use a suitcase cover? From my little travel experience, I’d say not a lot. I do, in case you are wondering, because it not only helps to protect my precious luggage from nasty scratches, but also make it more recognizable when it rolls out on the luggage belt. Granted, my […]

You Can Own the Barbie Like a Boss with this Machete… Spatula

It is has been proven (kind of) that men are better at the BBQ pit. You know. Flipping patty and stuff and so it is only logical for any man who love doing that to equipped to the occasion like donning a tactical apron and perhaps, flipping the meat patty with a, what? Machete? Or […]

This Brushed Aluminum Pen Is Also a Stylus and a 700 mAh Portable Battery

Well, you need to write in ink at some point. You also need a stylus at some point too and there is little doubt that we always in need for battery juice. So then why not grab a Power Pen? As the product name implies, it is a pen, but what it didn’t say is, […]

You Have Seen The Paper Digital Camera, Now Meet The Cardboard Smartphone Projector

lets face it: a flat screen TV, regardless if it is Ultra HD or not, will never give you the cinema feel. you know what’s missing? no. not the popcorn, well, maybe that also, but the thing that adds to the magic is projector. however, you and i both know that projector don’t come cheap […]

This Flat Pack Cardboard Foosball Table Lets You Bring The Game Anywhere

everybody loves a game of foosball, but not everyone has the means of acquiring one. buying the table is no biggie, but top the purchase with the shipping and handling, and it is going to hurt your wallet real bad. plus, at this age and day, it makes no sense to buy something you can’t […]