Cute Organ Plush Toys from Firebox

Forget about plushies of cute animals or characters. Instead, celebrate the wonder of human organs with these, well, Plush Organs. Available in a choice of organs, including the heart, brain, kidney, lungs, colon, and believe it or not, testicle and rectum.

Cute Organ Plush Toys from Firebox

Sorry, sex bunnies. Penis and vagina are not part of it. These cute organ plushies will make for good educational toys and excellent gifts for anyone who is unwell. Definitely a way more creative way in saying “get well soon!” Also, I can tell you these are definitely way comfy than the slimy, bloody examples they are based on.

They also open up the opportunity for you to fulfill your secret desire to hug organs. I don’t know why anyone have that unusual desire, but hey, we are not here to judge. That said, you never know that these plushies overload with cuteness may trigger your undiscovered desire to hug human organs! Just don’t do anything twisted while getting comfy with these. Just don’t.

Get it from for US$28 a pop.

Images: Firebox.