If you are a fan of Batman, here’s a desk lamp for you – that’s if brightness isn’t the main point because, I suspect it is not going to shine much like, you know, the Millennium Falcon variety.

Batwing Posable Desk Light

Like the Millennium Falcon version, the Batwing Posable Desk Light is posable too, albeit not with the most elegance in appearance. But I am guessing it will fit right into Gotham’s general ID taste. Wait, Gotham ain’t retro? Hmmm… never mind.

The desk lamp stands 60 centimeter (23.6 inches) tall and powered by USB, and the Batwing aka the lamp is made using Breakdown Plastic, which is an organic additive that helps plastic decompose when it eventually ends up in landfill. It works just like regular plastic, you know, having the same strength and recyclability, but just a tad more environmentally friendly, I guess.

Most important of all, unlike the real Batwing, you don’t need a Batcave to park this little guy. It can actually fit into any home, even if its not Wayne Manor’s size.

Perhaps more critically is, you also don’t need to be Bruce Wayne kind of rich to own this Batwing because, Firebox is selling it at just US$69. Even better, for a limited time, it is going at 30% off, costing just US$48. It is not clear how long this discounted price will last, though.

Batwing Posable Desk Light

Images: Firebox.

Hat tip: Technabob.

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