Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf

Umbra L CONCEAL Shelf
(photos: Umbra) Umbra L Conceal Shelf | US$35.00 |

getting your collection of books organized and still not look way too geeky like Stephen Hawkin’s library can be quite a challenge. instead of messing with uninspiring bulky shelving, why not do it in a more stylish way like using the Umbra L Conceal Shelf? granted that there’s nothing magical in this minimalist shelf but we actually adore the floating effect that it gives to the books sitting on it. the L Conceal consists of an angled bent wood shelf with two hidden metal brackets and it can be mounted in a variety of positions, adding a stylish flair to your otherwise mundane wall. so you can either go for the standard shelving and make your room looks like an Ikea showroom or you could add some contemporary artistry on your ordinary wall. it’s entirely your call. of course, at $35 a pop, the Umbra L Conceal Shelf is certainly dearer than your MDF board but whether it is worth the green depends entirely on whether you prefer art or a library.

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