This Minimalist Shelving Unit Has Shelves That Are Made Entirely Of 4,276 Chopsticks

Those looking to spruce up their home in a sustainable way may want to start with the SMILE Modular Shelf from ChopValue. SMILE Modular Shelf is made of recycle steel frame and the shelving unit is made of 4,276 chopsticks. Yes, those wooden chopsticks that typically come with Chinese takeout.

The Secret Compartment Shelf Is The True Meaning Of ‘Hiding In Plain Sight’

Here’s a piece of furniture that defines the meaning of ‘hiding in plain sight’. What everyone sees is a regular, well-crafted piece of wall shelf that’s good for up to 20 pounds (or around 9.1 kilograms) of objects, but in reality, it is more than meets the eyes. What looks like a beautiful, carved bottom […]

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Shelf Proves That Huge Spoiler Has Its Use In Homes Too

Unless you hit the track often or go hundreds of miles on daily basis (or both), a huge-ass rear spoiler will be nothing but part of the macho, go-fast look for your car. But in the case of a GT wing, it can very well serve as a table if you bear to seat on […]

Wall Ride: A Shelving Made With Skateboarders In Mind

Shelving that doubles as a bicycle stand or holder aren’t new, but a shelving made for skateboard? Well, that’s news to us and probably news to many others too. The Wall Ride is one such shelving designed with skateboarders in mind. Designed by Zanocchi & Starke, this wall-mounted, skateboarder-centric shelf may look like an ordinary […]

Ruche is a Minimalistic, Strong and Sustainable Shelving System

Do not underestimate multi-tier shelving. This simple furniture is deceptively, well, simple, but putting them together can be quite an undertaking and that’s not to mention all your effort is for something rather mundane. With the Ruche Shelving Unit, however, it takes an entirely different twist to shelving design. First by being super easy to […]

The Floyd Shelf Turns Any Flat Plank Into a Stylish Shelf with Character

there are shelves and then there is the uber stylish shelf known as The Floyd Shelf that lets you turn any flat planks or whatever flat pieces of up to 1 ⅝ inch (4 cm) into useful storage/display space, which is a super cool idea, because you can repurpose used planks that would otherwise destined […]

Ikea Figured Out a New Way to Fix Up Furniture That Will Only Takes 5 Mins

Swedish furniture maker Ikea has pretty much revolutionized flat-pack furniture and all seems good, until you start putting the TV console together. suddenly, things that involves metal screws and hex keys aren’t as easy as it seem to be – made worst by an instructional manual that has no descriptive words in them, only pictures. […]

The Crate Series – Furniture Concealed In Crates

moving is a gargantuan task. it involves packing of the myriad of stuff you own, moving them to the new location and unpacking them, which is a time consuming process. but that’s just part of the problem; the furniture is another major headache. moving often means giving up old furniture, thus sacrificing the familiarity, but […]

The Dark Knight Bookshelves

do Bruce Wayne read books? if so, he probably would not have The Dark Knight Bookshelves in his opulent pad to give away his alter ego (well, maybe he would but in his other pad – the Batcave) but lucky for us, mere mortals (btw, we know Batman aka Mr. Wayne is also a mortal but a filthy rich mortal), we can have this made-to-order, unofficial…