Those looking to spruce up their home in a sustainable way may want to start with the SMILE Modular Shelf from ChopValue. SMILE Modular Shelf is made of recycle steel frame and the shelving unit is made of 4,276 chopsticks. Yes, those wooden chopsticks that typically come with Chinese takeout.

SMILE Modular Shelf Made Entirely of Chopsticks

ChopValue is a sustainable homeware product company that specializes in turning wooden chopsticks into, well, homeware products. To date, the company has helped save 26,329,259 chopsticks from the landfills. The company claims that the shelving unit is carbon negative.

Sustainability aside, modularity is a big selling point. Being modular, you can put together shelving system that suits your needs and space. Plus, the clean minimalist lines, along with the unique appearance of chopsticks-made wooden shelves made it a conversational piece too.

SMILE Modular Shelf Made Entirely of Chopsticks

SMILE Modular Shelf is offered in 3 colors, namely natural, almond, and walnut. Each shelf coated in a vegetable-based and environmentally-friendly oil to enhance the look of the wood patterns.

As far as size goes, it comes in 3 sizes: S, M, and L, and each set frames lets you place anywhere from 1 to 5 shelves.

SMILE Modular Shelf Made Entirely of Chopsticks

I am sold by idea and the look of the SMILE Modular Shelf, but sadly, I do not have the wall space to spare. However, if you have the space and love the idea, you can pick up SMILE Modular Shelf on Kickstarter by backing for a product.

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Prices range from US$59 to US$299, depending on the size and configuration. The campaign is already funded, btw, and so a pledge for a product is a pre-order which will be fulfilled starting from January 2021.

SMILE Modular Shelf Made Entirely of Chopsticks

All images courtesy of ChopValue.

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