DP Truong Draws Like A Printer

Vietnamese artist DP Truong (Trương DP) is so good at drawing that he is often told that he draw as if he was a printer. Well, we know that was probably just a figure of speech. No one can actually draw like a printer, or can he? Anywho, DP Truong took the “you can draw like a printer” to heart and begs to differ.

Like I have said, he kind of took it to heart and decided to try drawing the same way as a printer prints. His subject? Hollywood star Will Smith as Henry Brogan from the Ang Lee’s sci-fi thriller Gemini Man which will be hitting the theaters on October 11, 2019.

DP Truong Draws Like A Printer

DP Truong posted a time-lapse video the entire process on his YouTube channel, dp Art Drawing, and man, it was quite a sight to behold. What the legend says was true. This artist does draw like a printer. OK. Maybe not exactly as a printer but close enough to make jaws drop.

In any case, whether or not he actually draws like a printer, can we take a moment to appreciate how good the end product was? The resulting art looks like a black and white photo of Will Smith.

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Skip ahead for the said video and be prepared to be blown away by this artist’s skills.

Images: YouTube (dp Art Drawing).