Karmic OSLO Electric Bicycle

Some electric bicycle mimics the look of a classic cafe racer. Some bears a design that is inconspicuous of its real intent as a pedal assist bicycle and then there is the Karmic OSLO Electric Bicycle, an upcoming electric bicycle from Palo Alto electric bikes company, Karmic.

Karmic OSLO Electric Bicycle

Karmic OSLO is decidedly futuristic-looking and it makes no apologies about it. It looks a futuristic version of those e-scooters outfitted with a post and a saddle. Except it has much larger “moon” wheels, a purposed design long seat that does not look lime makeshift pole/saddle combo and oh, it has pedals.

The large wheels and e-scooter-like design kind of reminds us of the wacky Streetmate electric scooter proposed by Volkswagen. Obviously, OSLO, hands down, looks more futuristic than the Streetmate and we think it might have something to do with the “moon” wheels, clean lines, and pure black and white colorway.

Karmic OSLO Electric Bicycle

Riders can choose to pedal and leverage on its pedal-assist function or give their legs some chill time by going all out electric. It has pedal-assist top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a throttle control.

Standard features include a 250 W/45 Nm electric motor, a 480 Wh removable battery, integrated headlight, wraparound taillight, LCD display, an aluminum frame construction with thermoplastic body, plastic fenders, 5-spoke alloy wheels, and integrated kickstand.

There are other options too, but we will leave it to you explore those on Karmic OSLO Kickstarter campaign where, you are keen, you can help make OSLO a reality by backing for a unit.

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Prices, depending on soon you act on it, range from $1,499-1,699. And if Karmic have its way, i.e. the campaign gets funded, delivery will be fulfilled in June 2020. TBH, that’s quite a wait and could it be the reason for the last than enthusiastic response from the crowdfunding community?


Images: Karmic.

Source: The Verge.