Bugatti Baby II Junior Car

Bugatti Baby II Junior Car is what a super rich, multi-generation family with the love for Bugatti needs. Bugatti Baby II was developed as part of the celebration of the marque’s 110th years and it will be produced in collaboration with junior car specialist The Little Car Company.

Based on the Bugatti Type 35, the Bugatti Baby II is essentially an oversized kiddie ride, measuring 2.8 meters long and 1 meter wide (9.2 feet by 3.3 feet), that is big enough even for adults to have a go with it.

Bugatti Baby II Junior Car

In fact, it is a 75 percent scale replica of the Type 35 and just like the classic, it rides on eight-spoke alloy wheels wrapped but now wrapped in modern Michelin tires and boasts a classic four spoke steering wheel, lightweight hollow front axle, as well as suspension and steering mechanism found on the original, road-going car.

Like the original, it is rear-wheel driven and comes with two selectable power modes: 1 kW ‘child mode’ with a 20 km/h (12 mph) top speed and a 4 kW ‘adult model’ with a 45 km/h (28 mph) top speed limit. Interestingly, select versus if the Baby II is offered with a ‘Speed Key’ like the one found on the Chiron.

When the Speed Key is activated, it offers up to 10 kW of power and disengages the speed limiter. It will comes with two batteries: a 1.4 kWh pack and a long-range 2.8 kW. The latter will afford up to a range of over 30 kilometers (around 18 miles).

Other goodies include sliding pedal box, turned aluminum dash with custom Bugatti instruments (speedometer, battery level indicator and power gauge), Type 35 clock, rear limited slip differential, fuel pressure pump repurposed to a forward/reverse control, horn, rear view mirror, handbrake, working headlights, and a remote control that can be use to disable the car from up to 50 meters (164 feet) should the situation calls for it.

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Also can be found on the center of the dash is a plaque with the unique chassis number of the Baby II and displayed on the nose of every car will be Bugatti’s famous ‘Macaron’ badge crafted of 50g solid silver. The Bugatti Baby II Junior Car comes in draped French Racing Blue with a black leather interior, but a real car, there will be other color options available for the exterior and interior.

Three variants will be offered: Baby II with a composite body, Baby II Vitesse with a carbon fiber body and ‘Speed Key’ and Baby II Pur Sang with a handcrafted aluminum body and ‘Speed Key’.

So, where can you get one and for how much. Well, the thing is, all 500 Bugatti Baby II have been spoken for since its announcement at the Geneva Motor Show. However, Bugatti is inviting you to join the reserve list in the event any prospective buyer pulls out. And the price? It starts at €30,000 (around US$33,165). Yes. That’s a price for a spanking new Volkswagen Tiguan with a few grand to spare.

All Images courtesy of Bugatti.