Best Websites For Any Tech Geek

For those who can’t get enough of technology and all its glory, there are literally hundreds of thousands of websites available to day that are sure to excite you and leave you feeling satisfied (tech-tisfied?). Read on to find out our favorite sites that anyone who loves tech needs to visit now.
TechCrunch is one of the most infamous tech sites on the web, and for good reason – if you’re looking for the latest updates on new technology and gadgets, this is the first place you should go. Its fame and status come from its reliability, and it offers guidance on the latest products with countless news updates and reviews, giving you the first look into the technology world as it continually grows and forms. For anyone who wants to be in the know about the best, most recent gadgets, this should be your go-to site.
TechRadar is similar to Tech Crunch in that it keeps you posted on the latest technology news and gadgets, but it does even more – Tech Radar also offers plenty of guides for you to access. If you’re working on any projects, this is the place to go to find guidance on something you might find tricky, or just to double check what you’re doing is correct. If you’re an android fan, then things get even better – they also dedicate a portion of their site specifically to android news and guides, meaning you can get your fill of everything android-related.

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This next site is for those who like to get down to business – Octopart compromises a variety of different functions – mainly their component searching. Octopart is essentially a search engine that allows you to search for millions of components to find what you’re looking for that you might need for your next project, as well as put together a BOM if you want a comprehensive list of all the parts you’ll need.

It’s a great way to compare your options and the best prices, as well as the functions of each part and which one is right for your project. You also have the ability to source tools, machining and cables and wire. It has everything, and it is definitely worth a look if you’re in the middle of a project, or plan on starting one. is tailored specifically for gamers, making it one of the top places to get all the updates on the latest games and everything related. Originally, the site started out in 1999 and purely focused on the competitive FPS scene at the time, but the growth of the website means it has branched out into a variety of different areas, including PC, console, indie games – you name it, they’ve got it! For those who love the game side of tech (let’s face it, who doesn’t?) this website is well worth a look to get your fill on video games and any upcoming news or updates that might pique your interest.

These 4 sites are our favorite for all things technology – there are plenty more out there, but these just had to make the top spots. Give them a look now!

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