Lets take a break from the usual geeky stuff and move on to an otherworldly form of geeky stuff: UFO. When it comes to life beyond Earth, there are believers and there are skeptics. However, what the U.S. Navy have recently confirmed may make skeptics think again (and scrambling for logical explanations) and believers, celebrating (celebrating for what, I do not know).

Anywho, according to a report by RT, three videos of supposed encounter by U.S. Navy aircraft and unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are no hoax. They are as real as you and me. However, U.S. Navy, being U.S. Navy, did not claimed the object seen in the three videos are of alien origin. Actually, no one can.

They were just phenomena that unknown to us mankind and hence, the Navy is referring to the objects in those videos as “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAP. I know. “UAP” does not sound nearly as cool or half as exciting as the age-old term, UFO, but hey, at least, they did not deny what they had encountered were something they and possibly, all of U.S. government organizations, do not understand.

The Navy added that those clips that are now floating on the Internet should not have been released to the public and they never were (cleared for public release). Well, now that statement is sure to get alien-fanatics all pumped and kind of reaffirms their believe.

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Keep going for the aforementioned three videos.

Image: YouTube (To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science).

Source: RT.

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