Over the weekend, LEGO marked the 60 years of LEGO bricks with a special brick: a giant-ass 10-foot tall LEGO brick sculpture that are made out of 133,300 regular size LEGO bricks. The result was, it looked like a giant person had misplaced at piece of a classic 2×4 brick at the middle of New York City’s Flatiron District, where it was on display from January 26 to 28, 2018. It took a group of “Master Builders” (Emmet’s not involved, if you really must know) over at LEGO’s Americas HQ in Enfield 350 hours to build this 1,200 lbs (544 kilograms) monster brick.

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While it looks exactly like the 2×4 we all adore, this sculpture isn’t solid. It has a hollow interior reinforced, according to observation by our source, Duplo bricks, the larger version of the LEGO bricks designed for much younger children. I can’t seem to pick that details up. Perhaps, at this age, I do have to concede that I need a reading glass to see things up close. Inevitable deterioration in life, I guess? Anyways, if you missed the display while it was out on the street in NYC, here’s a strangely captivating video that shows you the entire build process, shorten to a little under 30 seconds with the help of time lapse videoing. Enjoy! And seriously, don’t miss the video.

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