How many times have you look at smart lock, only to turn away by the hassle of installing it? I’ll be honest. I have, like so many times. However, I may not turn away Gimdow – thanks to its promise of “hassle-free” installation.

Gimdow is a new kind of smart lock. It is a “peel and stick retrofit smart lock” that absolutely requires zero modification or whatsoever.

GIMDOW will work with most American and European locks. Ingenious inserts make it compatible with virtually any lock, be it fission, conjoined lock or whatever.

Gimdow Peel and Stick Smart Lock

Once installed, you can choose to unlock the door via any of the three methods. You can choose to unlock the lock with the smartphone app, or pass code. Mechanical key is still good, though, so grandma can access as she always have while tech-savvy family members can unlock the key-less way.

The setup includes an externally mounted keypad that boasts anti-peep pass code.

This being a smart lock, you will be able to unlock the door with your smartphone from anywhere in the world, set who has access to the lock, see a log of who entered and when, and grand temporary access or set a schedule access.

Gimdow Peel and Stick Smart Lock

Gimdow serves up a secure, 128-bit encryption between your phone and the lock, so your code will stay private and secure. Finally, Gimdow is powered by 4 double A batteries which should last you up to 300 days before needing a fresh set.

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GIMDOW Peel and Stick Smart Lock is set to hit up crowdfunding where you will be able to secure a unit for up to 55 percent off the retail price. If you are down, be sure to get yourself signed up to be on the wait list on Gimdow website.

Images: GIMDOW.

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