SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds a few days ago. I have been using for a couple of hours each day since unboxing it, and so it is time to share with you my take of this dual-driver TWS Earbuds.

The buzz with this pair of TWS is the dual dynamic drivers setup that promised top deliver “detailed stereo sound with powerful bass, clear treble, and balanced separation.” In most part, it delivers. In most parts. But we will get to that in sec.

SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Fit
It comes with three sets of earbuds and fins. The set that came pro-fitted on it, presumably of medium size, is perfect for my concha and ear canal. It was comfortable… initially. As far as the set the said set is concerned, it is not for prolong wear. I started to feel uncomfortable with extended use (for like more than an hour). Perhaps I should switch to a different set?

The Build
Build quality wise, it is definitely up there with some of the more expensive earbuds. The overall feel is solid and the finish is good too. Same goes to the charging case which feels right up there too, except for one thing. While the lid open in a solid manner, the hinge is not exactly sturdy. It does have some free play.

When the lid is closed, you can feel that it does move side to side quite a fair bit. Then again, you have to deliberately do that to notice that. Well, what do you know? Deliberately doing things like this is what I do, always. Otherwise, the build of the both the earbuds and the charging case are pretty solid.

SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Connection
After a couple of days and having connected it to both Android smartphone (Huawei P20 Pro) and MacBook Air (2019), wireless connection does not disappointed. While connection does not have any issue, the range was meh.

That could be due to where I was. I was in an apartment and you know what’s up with apartment. Walls. I could move about 20 feet out to the dinning before I start to notice intermittent connection drop. When in close proximity to the source device, there’s not noticeable drop outs and or latency.

The Sound
Remember how I said “in most part, it delivers” as promised? Well, because, it is. To be fair, it does have good sound with clear separation of highs and mids. But I can’t say the same for the bass.

It is not “powerful bass” as described by the product brochure. In other words, the bass felt a little underwhelming. It is safe to say bass heads will not be pleased. However, I attribute it to the seal.

Perhaps, swapping the earbuds could help as some backers have commented. But already the fit is giving me some discomfort, so I am not quite sure if I want to shove something larger into my ear canal.

SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Overall it does surprising good at delivering a wide sound field that makes for an immersive audio experience. I have tested in with several genres.

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Sources used for the test were Apple Music, Spotify on macOS, Spotify on Android OS, and YouTube on both Mac and Android. Live recording of The Rolling Stones’ Beast of Burden (Apple Music) was, admittedly, pretty mind-blowing on this pair of earbuds. Though at times, the lead guitar sounded little too intimidating. But man, I did feel like I was at the front seat of the concert.

Arrival On Earth from 2007 Transformers OST (Spotify on Mac) was pretty breathtaking too, with clear distinction of left and right audio. And Hymn to the Sea by James Horner sounded even more haunting with clear vocals and clear mids.

Other tests that I ran include Dolby/THX/DLP intros, LST 3D Surround Sound Test HD, Ultra Deep Bass Test and Ultimate Headphone Test. The aforementioned were tested on both web-based YouTube on macOS and YouTube Android app.

The Charging
Both wired and wireless charging works as they should. There’s really nothing to comment here.

SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Omission
I did not test its IPX5 rating. As for battery, I can’t say I tested it for extended period of time. What do know was, the last test and usage was 2-3 hours straight and it was still going strong. I guess as long as you are not promised a measly 3-4 hours battery life, you should be good with this pair of earbuds.

The Bad
Personally, I find the overall loudness is lacking. Not that I am ready to bust my eardrums, but seriously, I don’t even feel the pressure on the ear when I cranked it up like my trusty Turtle Beach in-ear headphones and my Westone in-ear headphones. On the flip side, there’s not distortion when the volume is cranked up.

The Verdict
Overall, SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds is good across all range, but here’s the thing. It may not have the advertised frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. During the test, it appears that the lowest that it could go is 29 Hz and the highest I managed to decipher is around 18,000-ish Hz.

Granted, Ultimate Headphone Test may not be the most accurate since its audio are compressed when uploaded to YouTube and also my hearing may not the best. But you get a general feel of what it has to offer in terms of sound reproduction.

In conclusion, I think I would say the SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 True Wireless Earbuds is value my money. “My money” because, I got it at early bird price of $79. That said, I am not sure it is quite at the MSRP of $120. Then again, I have auditioned several wireless earbuds over the years, but man, this one could really give some of the mid-top ranger a run for their money.

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