LAZERWOOD Keys for MacBook Pro
LAZERWOOD Keys | from US$40.00 |

if you are fond of dressing up your Mac and has an Apple keyboard, then the LAZERWOOD Keys is the perfect accessory for your Mac. instead of staring down at some uninspiring white or black plastic keys, LAZERWOOD Keys lend your keyboard some tactile beauty of wood. available in walnut or cherry wood, these precision cut add-ons feature beautiful laser-etched characters and symbols, and sticks to your keyboard’s existing keys with adhesive backing. speaking of which, yes, you do need to get your hands dirty (figuratively speaking, of course) to apply these keys to your keyboard. as ‘side requisites’, you will need some pretty nimble fingers and a whole lot of patience to deal with more 70 pieces of these add-ons but as we can see from the images, the result is pretty spectacular. we might just give it a go cos’ we are kind of sick of silicone keyboard protector. oh, do note that its maker has listed the ‘difficulty level’ as ‘advanced’ and put an estimated application time of between 30 and 40 minutes – just so you know what you will be facing with. the LAZERWOOD Keys are available for Apple’s desktop standard and extended keyboards as well as for laptop keyboards and has a retail price starting from $40 a set.

LAZERWOOD via Funky Space Monkey

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