Having smelly feet issue? Or just wish you could wear a pair of socks longer before washing and without the odor? Well, if so, BeClothed Odor-killing Silver Ankle Socks is the socks in need in your life.

BeClothed Odor-killing Silver Ankle Socks

This so-called “self-cleaning” ankle socks features a special blend of antibacterial pure silver and a twill cotton that kills bacteria that is the main cause of odor, while offering a touch springiness for a comfy and relax wear.

The silver is weaved into the cotton and should not come off during use or washing. The proprietary silver mesh composition consists of 33 percent cotton, 45 percent pure silver, 14 percent spandex and 8 percent nylon.

BeClothed Odor-killing Silver Ankle Socks

Silver is said to able to bust over 650 types of bacteria and it also have excellent level of temperature modulation. That, along moisture-wicking ability of the micro-stitched twill cotton keeps your feet nice and dry without overheating.

Other features include inter-crossed stitching to ensure wear durability, ankle collar, non-side biased trapezium toes, extra padding and drips in the heels, and finally, cushioned sole to further add to the comfort wear aspect.

BeClothed Odor-killing Silver Ankle Socks

I know right. Who would have thought a pair of mundane socks could have so many features? Not going to lie. It does felt a little strange to be writing “other features” for a pair of socks.

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Anyways, if you are keen, you may pick up the BeClothed Odor-killing Silver Ankle Socks in a choice of Jet Black or Slate Grey on Kickstarter in the next 15 days or so for £15 or more (about US$20). The campaign is funded and so, yes, it is a pre-order of sort which BeClothed will fulfill in January 2021.

BeClothed Odor-killing Silver Ankle Socks

All images courtesy of BeClothed.

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