Here’s a camera/photography accessory that is going put a smile on photographers’ face. This is the Universal Lens Hood by KUVRD. What makes this lens hood unique is, it is one lens hood that fits nearly all camera lens.

Universal Collapsible Lens Hood by KURVD

You know what that means. It means, no more bringing multiple lens hood to suit your different lenses and that, my friends, is pretty awesome. If that’s not enough, it is collapsible too, allowing it to be folded down to a pocketable size.

The design of lens hood is so obvious that makes me why haven’t anyone thought that? Universal Lens Hood is stretchable, so it can fit literally any sized lens and thanks to its collapsible design, it is not only easy to store and carry, it can collapse down to work with any focal length, so that dark spots or unwanted vignetting is a thing of the past.

Universal Collapsible Lens Hood by KURVD

The magical part is, while it is flexible enough to fit over different sized lenses, it remains rigid enough, holding its form perfectly to do what it is supposed to do.

Moreover, with the Universal Lens Hood, you will be able to use any filter of your choice. If those features don’t make it sounds like the perfect lens hood, I don’t know what is. And oh, did we mention that it serves as a handy pad for the camera when you need to change the lens? Yup. It totally can do that.

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Universal Lens Hood by KUVRD can be had for just US$30 a pop on Kickstarter. But you have act on it soon, as the campaign is ending in a week or less.

All images courtesy of KUVRD.

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