Ikea REGISSÖR Living Room Storage Series

Swedish furniture maker Ikea has pretty much revolutionized flat-pack furniture and all seems good, until you start putting the TV console together. suddenly, things that involves metal screws and hex keys aren’t as easy as it seem to be – made worst by an instructional manual that has no descriptive words in them, only pictures. that has been going for a while now, but probably won’t for long. starting with the new REGISSÖR Living Room Storage Series that is set to eliminate the final hurdle in self-assembled furniture. using an Ikea-developed solution, the REGISSÖR Living Room Storage Series features special wedge dowels that negates the need for tools to put together the furniture and only you only need five minutes to do so, or maybe less if you are as proficient as Fredrik Andersson, Ikea’s Material and Technique Developer.

Ikea REGISSÖR Living Room Storage Series

the boards in the REGISSÖR line sports the wedge-shape dowels on their ends, designed to lean into one another at 45-degree as opposed to connecting them at 90-degree. this will afford a more self-supportive effect that allows the furniture to solely depend on the wooden dowels. in addition to that, lighter board, made possible by replacing solid internal with latticed skeleton structure, relieves the furniture of unnecessary weight, which makes it the furniture easier to handle and easier to be shift the furniture around if required. by doing without a solid internal, Ikea is also doing the environment a huge favor, considering how dependent the company is on this natural resource. we are not sure how hollowed out boards and wooden pegs would impact the durability of the furniture, but we trust that Ikea has done their due testing and if it proves itself to hold up to the test of time (in Ikea’s term, that is), then it could potentially save you and me a huge amount of time and unnecessary stress when piecing together our next Ikea furniture. well, maybe not all Ikea products for now.

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if you love to experience the Swedish company’s latest innovative assembly technique, it is now only available in the REGISSÖR series, which comprises of a bookcase, a coffee table, and four cabinets. available now starting at $139 in the U.S.

Ikea via Co.Design