So you have your toolbox, but we bet it is stashed somewhere where it is not as conveniently accessible. By not ‘conveniently accessible’, we meant to say it would be hassle just to retrieve a screwdriver for a simple job. This is why there are multi-tools that you can keep by your side, so you have quick and easy access to common tools like screwdrivers or maybe even a box cutter when the need arise and the BitzBlade EDC Multi-Tool Keychain by StatGear is one of those multi-tools. And a very stylish one at that. Unlike some multi-tools, it does not tout to be a have-it-all multi-tool. Instead, it has the essentials including a variety of screwdriver bits, a carbide tip window punch and a 1 3/4” 440 stainless steel utility blade that looks like a miniature survival knife with a short section of serrated edge for your cutting needs. All these are packed into a pen-like design made out of titanium, measuring a mere 5 inches long.

BitzBlade EDC Multi-Tool Keychain by StatGear

In all, it has six interchangeable stainless steel, double sided bits, offering 12 different driver including Phillips, slotted (aka flathead), Hex and Torx. Though it has this many drivers, the body can only store one at any given time. The rest of the bits will have to be stored in the supplied heavy duty nylon pouch. Almost perfect, but I guess it is a tradeoff for its minuscule size, which allows it to share a place on your keychain. Speaking of keychain, it has a swivelling keyring end to allow you to turn the tool when use as a screwdriver without fighting with the rest of the keys. That’s what we call a little thought that goes a long way and in this case, this ‘long way’ would be practical usability.

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BitzBlade EDC Multi-Tool Keychain is currently being funded on Kickstarter where you will be able to bag one for an early backer price of 49 bucks. If all goes as planned i.e. the campaign reaches or surpasses its set funding goal of $15,000, the can expect to see the BitzBlade EDC Multi-Tool Keychain sometime in July 2015.

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