Hygiene Hand EDC Limits Your Contact With Shared Surfaces. Is What We Need To Flatten The Curve

If you are afraid of virus getting to your hands, then you are probably using your elbow to press lift buttons, open doors or using tissue or wet wipe to do so. Over at StatGear, they have a better idea and it is an EDC called, Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener & Stylus.

SwissClip Adds A Clip To 91mm Swiss Army Knife Because, It Really Need That

Here’s a small but wonderful accessory that all Swiss Army Knife users want to know about. Created by Clip & Carry, a new brand by EDC maker StatGear, SwissQlip is a stainless steel pocket clip specifically designed to fit on most 91 mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. SwissQlip leverages on the key ring hole of […]

Ausus Luxury EDC Knife: Luxuriously Built Less The Luxury Sticker

The Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear does not have precious stones, neither is it laced with gold, but if you are into knives, you can see what you are getting into. It is a premium folding knife that bears old school ruggedness, but in a modern, super low profile and deep carry design […]

BOOMR Camera Strap Has Shock Absorbers That Will Help To Relieve The Load On Your Neck

DSLR have shrunk in size significantly, but it is can be a considerable load when hung over your neck for a prolong period of time – especially when you are on constant move. That’s science. StatGear’s BOOMR aims to solve this age-old issue by incorporating bungee cords into the camera strap. Inspired by the bungee […]

Handsome Pen-style BitzBlade Multi-tool comes with a Miniature Survival Knife Blade and Window Punch

So you have your toolbox, but we bet it is stashed somewhere where it is not as conveniently accessible. By not ‘conveniently accessible’, we meant to say it would be hassle just to retrieve a screwdriver for a simple job. This is why there are multi-tools that you can keep by your side, so you […]

Surviv-All Survival Knife Lets You Cut Cords Without Unsheathing and it Can Start Fire Too

When it comes to surviving the great outdoor, a knife is a must and we are not talking about just any knife; it is has to stand up to the rigor of outdoor usage and also, if possible, takes care of other ‘businesses’ apart from slicing and cutting. The newest to StatGear, the Surviv-All Survival […]