The Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear does not have precious stones, neither is it laced with gold, but if you are into knives, you can see what you are getting into. It is a premium folding knife that bears old school ruggedness, but in a modern, super low profile and deep carry design that stows away easy. It features a beautiful canvas Micarta handle, a 3.5-inch D2 steel blade with a Rockwell rating (AKA HRC) of 59-61, oversized thumb studs, internal ball bearings for smooth deployment, and finally wrapping up with a reversible pocket clip.

Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear

A little more about the blade: it is a drop-point, straight-edge blade that boasts a wee bit of jimping on the lower spine to promote thumb control. Depending on the choice of handle color, it may be presented in either stonewashed finish or black oxide. With a HRC of 59-61, it is just about the hardest steel you can get. This means, it has excellent edge retention and resistant to wear and corrosion. As such, it good for a variety of jobs, including though chores like punching through canned food, slicing small logs – among the many other things.

Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear

Despite its namesake, Ausus’ pricing is anything but luxury. Speaking of price, if you are quick enough, you may be able to bag one for December 2017 delivery for as low as $38. For the uninitiated, StatGear is not new to the whole outdoor gear business and neither is the company new to Kickstarter, where Ausus is currently a super-short three-week campaign. The campaign is well over its set funding goal and so, yeah, it is lock and ready to deliver to whoever have backed.

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You can learn more about Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear in the pitch video after the post, or hit up its campaign page for even more details.

Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear

Images courtesy of StatGear.

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