Can’t get enough of timepieces with a piece of the space out there? If so, we have a terrific news! Following the timepiece with actual bits from the Mars Meteorite, Col&MacArthur’s Interstellar brand is back with another super cool wristwatch that contains bits of another space object.

Interstellar LUNAR1,622 NASA-approved Tech Watch

Folks, this is LUNAR1,622. It is a unique watch that pays tribute to NASA and the moon. It features the NASA logo on the back cover and contains authentic moon dust from a Lunar meteorite discovered in 2017 in Northwest Africa. Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity from MSG Meteorites, a reputable British firm known for certifying space rocks.

The LUNAR1,622 watch combines innovation and style with a durable blend of materials like steel, titanium, and sapphire glass. Its design incorporates iconic elements, including a quote from Neil Armstrong, GPS coordinates of the Apollo XI landing site, and the landing date. Buyers can choose between two mechanical movements: the Swiss Sellita movement or the Japanese Miyota movement. This adds to the watch’s uniqueness and appeal.

Interstellar LUNAR1,622 NASA-approved Tech Watch
Note: This model is without the moon dust.

To ensure traceability and authenticity, the LUNAR1,622 incorporates NFC technology that stores data such as the owner’s name, serial number, and meteorite analysis. 

There are three versions available:

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1. The standard version is priced at $399 USD (MSRP $549 USD), which includes a real footprint shape of Neil Armstrong at the 3 o’clock mark, a Miyota movement, and a stainless steel case.

2. A similar version with moon dust retailing at $599 USD (MSRP $849 USD).

3. The premium iteration, priced at $999 USD (MSRP $1,399 USD), which includes moon dust, a Sellita movement, a titanium case, and advanced NFC traceability.

You learn more about this handsome yet super geeky timepiece on Kickstarter where you can also pre-order it by pledging for a product listed in the rewards section.

Interstellar LUNAR1,622 NASA-approved Tech Watch
Interstellar LUNAR1,622 NASA-approved Tech Watch

Images: Col&MacArthur.

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