LEGO In Real Life 3 Stop Motion Animation

Weekend is ending or it may have already ended for some, but lets not the Monday blues get to you yet. We hope this a brilliant stop-motion animation by Brick Bros Productions will help to brighten your day (lighten your night). Granted, it could only brighten your day if you have appreciation for a good stop-motion production or love LEGO, or both.

Entitled LEGO In Real Life 3, this is the third LEGO stop-motion animation series and it is a story (if you could call it a story) of a boy attempting to make a wooden creation (which in this case, it is a Classic LEGO Duck Pull Toy originally conceived by JK Brickworks). But of course, this being a LEGO-centric animation, the ‘wood’ here and some of the tools are LEGO bricks.

LEGO In Real Life 3 Stop Motion Animation
LEGO tape measure and pencil. I say that’s freaking awesome!

It is a fun video to watch and it is incredibly surreal seeing a good way to killed a minute or so. It is kind of dreamy seeing a chunk of LEGO brick with over 800 studs being “saw”, “chiselled,” and subsequently assembled, sometimes with the aid of LEGO pins and “glue” to result in the Classic LEGO Duck Pull Toy. There is even painting involved too.

If this isn’t a brilliant creative production, I don’t know what is. Keep going to watch the entire video and be prepared to be amazed. Seriously, you do not want to miss this.

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Images: YouTube.