So, you need head out to grab some essentials. You head out armed yourself with a face mask and sanitizer in your holster, but at the store, some dumb dumb just don’t know how to keep the all-important social distancing.

Social Distancing Laser Hat by StupotMcDoodlepip

In addition to verbal reminder, you can help provide people around you with a guideline on how far they should be from you with this Social Distancing Laser Hat.

Created by YouTuber StupotMcDoodlepip, Social Distancing Laser Hat draws a circle of around 2 meters (6.6 feet) around you. It can also serve as a reminder to yourself. I mean, lets face it, we all need a gentle reminder every now and then.

Social Distancing Laser Hat by StupotMcDoodlepip

The contraption consists of some 3D printed parts, a fast spinning motor and a 1mW Class 1 last pointer. The motor spins the laser pointer at such a speed that it managed to create a red circle around the helmet.

You can find the bill of materials required for putting together this fun and yet purposeful contraption in the description in a video posted on YouTube by StupotMcDoodlepip. You can find the 3D files on Thingiverse.

Images: YouTube (StupotMcDoodlepip).

Source: Technabob.

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