Considering how gun security has been a major concern, it is a surprise that there hasn’t has a surefire biometric solution to prevent accidental shootings by children and prevent unauthorized use in the event of lost or stolen. While they have been all kinds of gun safes and even a biometric lock accessory for the trigger, the only actual biometric that was available stateside was the shortlived Armatix RFID-based solution. Since after Armatix, there have been none, until now.

Biofire Smart Gun with Facial Recognition

Biofire Tech is a company in the business of making biometric guns. Its first product, simply called Biofire Smart Gun, features a proprietary Guardian Biometric Engine which uses integrated fingerprint and 2D facial recognition systems to verify the user. Theoretically, the gun will unlock when the verified user picks it up. There are no codes to enter, buttons to press, or required additional gadgets. We say “theoretically” because it is not without kinks as Reuters have reported.

Clearly, the star feature is the facial recognition technology that allows only verified users to pull the trigger. Multiple users can be enrolled with personalized settings.

Biofire Smart Gun with Facial Recognition

The gun is a 9 mm handgun with electronic fire control and integrated laser sight. The gun features stainless steel construction with a glass-filled nylon grip. It is outfitted with a rechargeable battery with a “month-long” battery life.

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Biofire Tech is taking orders for the Biofire Smart Gun. But the last we check, the US$2,499 Founders Edition which is set to ship in Q4 2023 is sold out. However, the US$1,899 Launch Edition is still available with delivery in Q1 2024. The standard edition, which costs US$1,499, will start shipping in Q2 2024.

Biofire Smart Gun with Facial Recognition
Biofire Smart Gun with Facial Recognition

Images: Biofire Tech.

via CNA.

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