though pistol makes a handy self-defense weapon, it can be deadly when falls into the wrong hands. the Smartwatch-controlled .22 LR Caliber Pistol System by German firm Armatix makes sure that, in the event of such unfortunate circumstances, your firearm will not be used against you or harm others. how so? well, like the Gun Box we have seen earlier, it utilizes RFID technology to achieve this. the smart system, as it is referred to by Armatix, comprises of two parts: a .22 LT caliber side arm with 10-round magazine capacity, dubbed the iP1 pistol, and an iW1 Active RFID watch.

both hardware has RFID microchips incorporated into them with the watch being responsible for the gun access and use. the gun can only be fired if it is within range of the assigned iW1 smartwatch. the safety mechanism of the gun can be released via the smartwatch by means of a PIN code. the safety feature ensures that if the gun loses contract with the watch, for example, if it is knocked out of the shooter’s hand or in the case of loss or theft, it automatically deactivates itself, preventing it from being used. we must say this is a brilliant system that could potentially ease the worries of gun owners who are paranoia about their firearms falling into the wrong hand.

Armatix via Design Boom

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